How to Start Your Own Business in Chiang Mai, Thailand – An Incredible Story of Heart Work Pays Off

From the stress of the corporate world to a place of healing and being healed, this is the incredible story of how power-couple Sara Stenqvist (41) and Simba Thomas (35) from Göteborg, Sweden went from working hard, to working heart and started their own business in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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How Thailand Has Taught Me to Think Positively

Thailand is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful holiday destination. Many tourists and travelers enjoy visiting, partying, rolling in the mud with elephants and hiking in the mountains. And on top of that, for no one the loveliness of the Thai culture goes unnoticed.

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Top 5 Cultural Struggles of Being an English Teacher in Thailand – The Raw, Unfiltered Truth

I know right? What could possibly be difficult about being an English teacher in paradise? Even though the kids in the picture above look quite frightening, it’s a job that’s easy to get into and I mean… Thailand <3.

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How to Land and Keep that Job! How to Become an English Teacher in Chiang Mai – Part 2

So you’ve made sure that you have the right qualifications to be an English teacher in Chiang Mai and you want to get started? Well, that’s excellent! Let me help you out with the exact steps of how to land and keep that job. From your resume to how to thrive within the Thai school culture, I am here to help you. Let’s get you that job!

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How to Become an English Teacher in Chiang Mai

Probably one of my most frequently asked questions is how I became an English teacher in Chiang Mai. What did I do to get there? Which qualifications did I need? And how did I land a job? These questions, my friend, will be answered right here.

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